Screenprints / A series of handpulled screenprint projects I've designed and printed. If you are interested in purchasing any of the prints please contact me for availablility.

Domino Sunrise / Four color halftone screen print of the Domino Sugar plant at sunrise. My wife and I woke up extra early and went down to the harbor on a frigid winter morning to get this picture of the iconic Domino Sugar plant in Baltimore.

Domino Sunrise Original Photo Domino Sunrise

The image was separated into four seperate channels of cyan, magenta, yellow and key or black and applied a 10 DPI halftone to get each screen prepared for printing.

CMYK Separations Framed

Nostalgia / Three color screen print homage to a childhood pastime. Instead of cutting out the three gray bars separately and lining up the layers, a solid block was made that the black would cover.

cropped nostalgia process print cropped nostalgia cropped nostalgia mock up

Wishful Thinking / A pair of four-color screenprinted posters made for a class. This is a four color screen print. Maybe for the next project I'll print a poster onto a shirt.

pair of shirts pair of shirts pair of shirts pair of shirts pair of shirts pair of shirts

The illustration was created in Adobe Illustrator and manually separated out into four individual layers for printing.

pair of shirts

Rubik's Penrose / An impossible toy in an impossible illustration. Please don't get too frustrated looking at it.

Rubik's Penrose Detail 1

The image was created in Illustrator and the poster was screen printed using only three colors.

Color Seperations

Better Together / Three color screen print collaboration project with Anna and Wendy. 7x9 inch three color screen print.

Full shot Detail 1 Framed